[VACANCY] Events & PR Director (ACCPAK3)


Pakistan vACC is looking for an Events and PR Director for the vACC, requirements for the post are as follows:

  • Good skills and command over the English language.
  • Knowledge of managing social media networks (Facebook, Twitter etc).
  • Excellent knowledge over general email formats and types.
  • Design Expertise and knowledge of Adobe Photoshop (or any related program) to design banners for events
  • Have the ability to handle a wide range of people, issues and problems that arise in the region.
  • Having a Controller Rating / Pilot Rating / Prior experience will be an added bonus.

If you’re interested in the post, and meet the requirements above, please send an email to director@pakvacc.com. Please include your name, VATSIM CID, prior experience (if any) and any additional relevant information in the email.



The Jewel of Pakistan: Gilgit (OPGT)

Presenting the beauty of Pakistan: Gilgit, a major tourist attraction with its beautiful scenery and lakes. Come and fly into Gilgit (OPGT) situated in the Northern Mountainous ranges of Pakistan, this Wednesday, and face one of the toughest approaches we have to offer.

Initially starting out as an IFR departure, you’ll switch to SVFR conditions mid-flight, and rely solely on your view outside the flight deck and your instruments for navigating around the valley and accompanying high terrain all around your aircraft to safely land at Gilgit.

Many have tried, and many have failed. Will you?

Featured Airport: OPGT
Fly from Lahore (OPLA) or Islamabad (OPRN) for full ATC coverage.

Scenery links available on our website

Hope to see you there