[EVENT] Pakistan Overloaded [14th August, 1100-1900z]

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Pakistan-Overloaded-BannerVATSIM Pakistan vACC presents our latest mega-event, “Pakistan Overloaded” sponsored by MSK Productions and Taburet Sceneries. Come and fly on the 14th of August (Pakistan’s Independence Day), and experience our finest ATC services from 1100z – 1900z. You can fly from any airport in Pakistani airspace, with a wide variety to choose from, starting from all-favorite OPKC (Jinnah International Airport), to one of the toughest approaches of the world at Gilgit Airport (OPGT). All upto you!

Courtesy of the generous guys over from MSK and Taburet, we will be giving away a copy of Taburet’s Night 3D Pakistan and 2 promotional copies of MSK’s Karachi Jinnah Intl Airport (OPKC) and Allama Iqbal Int’l Airport (OPLA).

The prizes will be given out as follows:

Competition: Most flights in Pakistan Airspace (exceeding 150NM distance)

1st Position: 1 Copy of Taburet’s Night 3D Pakistan + 1 Copy of MSK OPKC + 1 Copy of MSK OPLA

2nd Position: 1 Copy of MSK OPLA

3rd Position: 1 Copy of MSK OPKC

Those who would like to participate can send a link of their VATAware profile with their flights done to directorpt@pakvacc.com, the winner will be announced 3 days after the event!

See you in the skies!

All sceneries (Payware/Freeware) and official Jeppesen charts for Pakistani aerodromes are available on our official website (www.pakvacc.com)

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