Hiring: Deputy Director vACC / ATC Training Director

Pakistan vACC is looking for a Deputy Director for the vACC. The selected candidate will also be responsible with co-ordinating with the Director vACC for ATC Training.

The requirements for the post are as follows:


• Hold a minimum of a C1 rating
• Have experience as a mentor/examiner

In addition:

• Availability of 5 hours per week
• Maintain a strong online presence
• Be a member in good standing
• A diplomatic, level-headed personality
• The ability to deal with a vast range of people and issues that arise from time to time


  • Assist the Director in the day-to-day operations of the vACC
  • Provide ATC training to students, in coordination with the Director vACC
  • Evaluate and appoint Examiners and Instructors
  • Provide support to members

Interested candidates can send their application to director[at]pakvacc.com